Data Analyst

Job Title:  Data Analyst

Location:  Richmond, VA

Start Date:  2/13/2018

End Date:  2/12/2018

Normal Work Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Background Check Required:  Criminal, Drug Test



Mandatory- Demonstrated intermediate MS Excel and MS Access skills/expertise. Basic statistical analysis expertise (this is not IT)

Ideal candidate - Advanced MS Excel and Access skills/expertise. Intermediate statistical analysis expertise.

Uses MS Excel to review data in MS Access database

Use statistical software (JMP, etc.) to analyze data

More information from the manager:

This department has a large and growing body of data that needs to analyzed.  The data is in either an MS Access database and would need to be imported into excel where summary statistics could be generated.  That data would need further analysis in some type of statistical software.  This position would need to prepare the data (charts, graphs, etc.) for review.

Day to day would be retrieving, formatting, analyzing data sets and visualizing/reporting data.