Shipping Coordinator

Job summary: Responsible for the execution of international and domestic shipments for parts and machines. Correspond with customers, freight carriers, team mates and forwarders in order to plan, schedule and execute shipments. Interact with warehouse and administrative personnel. Prepare proper & accurate documentation and coordinate with customers to arrange shipment.

Essential duties/responsibilities: Include, but not limited to:


  • Coordinating international and domestic shipments with sales, assembly, and customer
  • Create shipping documents (freight bill of lading, commercial invoices, Nafta’s, certificate of origin, shippers export declaration, etc.) and developing/improving procedures as conditions arise/change
  • Supply documents to be delivered to Post Office
  • Interact with freight forwarders to ensure timely and accurate documentation prep.
  • Correspondence and coordination of information with customers to arrange shipments for machines and parts
  • Accountable for data entry of shipping information, closing of machine work orders at close
  • Negotiation of inbound and outbound freight rates and developing sources as necessary
  • Data entry skills – Key in work order picks, shortages, issues routers, move operations, run shortages to be picked
  • Inventorying and ordering department operating supplies
  • Interact with warehouse and administrative personnel
  • Stay current with International and domestic shipping practices by attending logistics seminars as necessary.

 Pay rate - $20/hr

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