Business Process Analyst

Job Summary

The  Business Process Analyst (BPA) will work to ensure that business processes and supporting systems continue to meet business needs.  The BPA must be able to work collaboratively with the business areas, Audit&Risk and IT  to facilitate existing process changes to drive efficiency and effectiveness.  The BPA is a hands-on worker who will drive the creation and documentation of current state business process models including human-to-human interaction, human to system interaction and system-to-system interaction. This position will do a significant amount of work with the business to create and/or edit policies and procedures that support the business process.

 The process mapping may also incorporate document content, use of business information/data, use of business rules, visual representation for the business staff and incorporate upstream/downstream process(es) and links to external organizations.  The BPA will work with the business process owner, process manager and subject matter experts (SME’s) to identify process waste such as bottlenecks and redundant tasks, control gaps and risks in the current state process(es) and will develop models of the future state process  with optimized changes and minimal impacts to other processes and/or technology systems.  The BPA will work with the Director of PE to identify recommendations for process changes, personnel resources and skills, policy, supporting procedures, goal and rule changes along with metrics to measure the impact of process changes.

Rate - $54 - $57/hr

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